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I am pursuing a multi-disciplinary research initiative in Molecular, Nano- and Quantum Sensors and Systems that is unique in the UK (and the world) and that brings together the research streams of nanophotonics, nanoplasmonics, quantum optics, molecular mechanics (molecular machines, synthetic bio) and in the future, also molecular electronics and neuroscience. This new pan-disciplinary area, I believe, will be a very large and upcoming research playground at the cross-roads of cutting edge experimental and theoretical sciences; there will be applications in health, nanotechnology, metrology, environment, security, and astronomy; it touches on core subjects in physics, quantum optics, optics, biophysics, engineering, molecular mechanics and biochemistry.

Research Highlights

Register today for our Single-Molecule Sensors and NanoSystems International Conference



"Review of biosening with whispering-gallery mode lasers" was recognized as one of the top downloaded papers of Light: Science & Applications



New collaborations with the Functional Nanosystems group in Freiburg, Germany and research labs in A*STAR Singapore

Vollmerlab Books

Want to learn more about our research topics in the Vollmerlab? These books will guide you through the fundamentals of whispering gallery mode sensing and label-free sensing technologies. 

Reading list:

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