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S3IC 2024 is announced!

February 2024

We are looking forward to the 4th instalment of our conference, which will take place 28 - 30th October 2024 in Paris - Join us!


Next Career Move Japan

February 2024

Vollmer-lab postdoc Keisuke (right) is now a group leader at NIMS-MANA, considered by many the birthplace of Nanoscience; Congratulations!

Keisuke NIMS.jpg

Ultra Weak Photon Emission

December 2023

Frank and Sam presented at the University Bristol workshop on ultra weak photon emission. Shown below is the ultra-strong photon emission of the Clifton Suspension Bridge near the venue. 


Women in Photonics

November 2023

Leibniz IPHT in Jena held a vibrant career workshop and conference for female researchers in the field of optics and photonics. Katya presented her work there on the topic of computational methods for biosensor signal analysis. 


UKRI Moonshots

August 2023

Frank presented the Quantum Life Science Moonshot. What are the major global challenges that will drive the future of research and innovation for the next few decades? Where is the UK best placed to lead groundbreaking innovation that will have truly significant impact? UKRI is looking to identify bold, ambitious, and transformative ideas for moonshots across the research and innovation landscape.

Quantum Life Science Moonshot final.jpg

ISC High Performance

May 2023

Katya recently presented her work on decoding biosensor signals using supercomputers at the ISC 2023 conference in Hamburg. She discussed parallelization strategies in computational chemistry code and how these simulations can be helpful in the life sciences.

ISC 2023.jpeg

Outstanding paper

March 2023

A paper written by members of the Vollmerlab, titled Review of biosensing with whispering-gallery mode lasers, made it onto the 2022 list of outstanding papers in the Nature Light: Science and Applications journal.


SWBio poster award

October 2022

Matt received an award at the SWBio Annual Student Conference for his research poster on probing conformational thermodynamics of enzyme turnover by optoplasmonics. Congratulations, Matt!

WeChat Photo Editor_20190729144824.jpg

Next Career Move

May 2022

Deshui will lead his own research group at the NTSC – National Time Service Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences! Congratulations to our theory grandmaster on this wonderful position!


Best poster award

Feb 2022

Kalani received an award for the best research poster at the WOMA 2022 conference! Congratulations, Kalani!


Outstanding Review Paper

Dec 2021

An outstanding review paper with Deshui from the Vollmerlab as leading author was published on 09 Dec 2021. Read the paper here

figure for post.jpg

Front cover feature

May 2021

Siva’s work is featured on the front cover of ACS journal!

Read the full article here

cover ACS ANM.jpg

Award-winning presentation

April 2021

Vollmerlab PhD student, Callum Jones, recently won the 2nd prize for his presentation at the university postgraduate research conference. Congratulations, Callum!


Another successful PhD viva

February 2021

After a 3 hour examination online via Zoom, Siva successfully defended his thesis. Well done Siva!

Siva viva.png

LSI Christmassy Desk Competition

December 2020

Monika is the winner of the 2020 LSI Christmassy desk competition with her inventive optics lab themed xmas tree.


Optical Whispering Gallery Modes for Biosensing

September 2020

New book written by Frank Vollmer and Deshui Yu, explaining the fundamentals of optical whispering gallery modes. It is suitable for an interdisciplinary readership comprised of physicists, bioengineers and medical professionals. 

Click here to purchase a copy!​​


JADE High Performance Computing Resources 

July 2020

Our research group has been granted access to JADE (a Tier 2 supercomputer) for the new BooLeaN project, which aims to understand the Biophysics of Life at the Nanoscale using AI computer vision techniques. 



April 2020

Katya will be joining the Alan Turing Institute virtually from January 2021, following a successful research proposal for the Alan Turing Enrichment Scheme.


Exeter-NTU studentship

September 2019

NTU and Exeter are working in partnership to deliver six split-site Biomedical PhD studentships. Aneeth has started his studentship in Exeter now and will move to Singapore soon.


Our perspective is on the cover

February 2024

Vollmer-lab team of PhD students and postdocs published a cornerstone perspective article in ACS Photonics which was selected for cover! Congratulations to all co-authors!


Research in Japan

February 2024

Frank visited the National Institute of Material Science (NIMS), Tsukuba, Japan. We will have lots to collaborate on!


S3IC 2023 was a great success!

December 2023

Vollmerlab’s Matt and Alice presented their work at the 3rd edition of our Single-Molecule Sensors and nanoSystems conference in Barcelona. We are looking forward to the 4th Edition, which will take place in Nov 2024 in Paris.


Successful thesis defense

November 2023

Callum successfully defended his PhD thesis on the topic of quantum optics for nanophotonic biosensing! Many congratulations!


Funding News

August 2023

Vollmerlab received a BBSRC Pioneer Award titled Optical single-molecule dynamometer that measures work and force of active enzymes.


Rosalind Franklin Medal

April 2023

Frank Vollmer recently received a prestigious award from the Institute of Physics for his distinguished contributions to biosensing with optical microcavities. The single-molecule technique enables groundbreaking advances in how we use light to study biomolecules and their biochemical reactions.

Supercomputing Asia

Feb 2023

Katya and her team from the A*STAR scholars network received a merit prize and an award for the best presentation for their competitive performance in the annual APAC HPC-AI Competition, organized by the HPC-AI advisory council and sponsored by NSCC and NCI Australia.

Day2 - APAC AI Competition - 18.jpg

CES best poster award

June 2022

Samir won the award for best poster at the CES 2022 conference. CES (Cavity Enhanced Spectroscopy) is a biennial international meeting that brings together the community of physicists, chemists, atmospheric scientists, and engineers who work in the broad area of cavity enhanced spectroscopy and its many applications. Congratulations, Samir!


Top downloaded paper

May 2022

A recently published review paper, with Nikita as first author, was formally recognized as one of the top downloaded papers of Light: Science & Applications. 


WOMA 2022 digest  

Feb 2022

Our Woma co defence had a record turnout of 263 online attendees around the world. Next Woma 2024 will be held in New Zealand. See you there!

woma-group photo_2.jpg

Physics of Life

July 2021

This month we had a highly successful Physics of Life workshop, which brought together early career researchers to discuss everything molecular mechanics!

Image credit: Mathis Riehle. 

Molecular mechanics of enzymes[27168].jpg

Next Career Move

May 2021

Jolly is making a quantum jump after more than 5 years in the Vollmerlab! Congratulations Prof Xavier for the career progression to the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.


Next Career Move

March 2021

PhD alumna from the Vollmerlab will become a Max Planck Research Group Leader at the MPI in Frankfurt.

Congratulations Eugene Kim!


Review of Biosensing with Whispering Gallery Mode Lasers

February 2021

New cornerstone review article published in Nature. Click here to read the full paper.


G22 Physics Lab

November 2020

We officially opened our new G22 lab in physics… including ribbon, new ideas and exceptional researchers!


Successful PhD viva

September 2020

Congratulations to Serge, who just passed the viva and became the first graduated PhD in the Vollmerlab Exeter!


Paper accepted by Nature Communications

April 2020

Serge's paper on reversible disulphide interactions was recently published in Nature communications. What  a great achievement! Click here to read the full paper. 


Collaboration with A*STAR Singapore

August 2019

Katya has recently moved to Singapore as part of a collaboration with the A*STAR Institute of High Performance Computing. Click below to find out more about her postgraduate life in Singapore!


IONS Conference

July 2019

Katya was presented with an award for the best contributed talk at the IONS 2019 conference. Well done, Katya!

katya ions.jpg
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