Ekaterina Zossimova

Postgraduate Researcher

University of Exeter, UK 

A*STAR Institute of High-Performance Computing, Singapore

Research interests: 

  • Computational approaches to model plasmonic materials for high-resolution bio-sensing technologies

  • Predicting the optical properties of functionalized atomic-sized clusters and molecular systems with density functional theory code and multi-scale models

  • Developing and accelerating the performance of GPAW code

My Research


I am pursuing a PhD in Prof Frank Vollmer's research group on Advanced computational electromagnetism for nanophotonics and biosensing. My research involves developing advanced cutting-edge computational techniques in molecular dynamics and density functional theory to analyse single-molecule sensor data and visualise the structural dynamics of single proteins. This project includes a 2-year research attachment programme at A*STAR in Singapore, where I will use the High Performance Computing facilities to achieve these goals.


  • International representative for the A*STAR Scholars Network (2021)

  • Team leader for the 2020 & 2021 APAC HPC-AI Competition

  • Poster presentation at the GPAW Users and Developers Conference 2021

  • Co-author for a review paper on Quantum Nanophotonic and Nanoplasmonic Sensing

  • Co-organizer of the weekly Vollmerlab Journal club

  • Award for the best contributed talk at the IONS 2019 conference

  • Web designer for the Vollmerlab website